Active Faculty

Photo of Stephen R. Byrn

Stephen R. Byrn

Charles B. Jordan Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Specialization: Solid state formulation and stability of small molecules, regulatory science, Sustainable Medicines in Africa

Byrn Research Lab

RHPH 218 B&C

Photo of Hyunyoung (Young) Jeong

Specialization: Gut microbiota, preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics, precision medicine

Jeong Research Lab


Photo of Gregory T. (Greg) Knipp

Gregory T. (Greg) Knipp

Associate Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Specialization: Preclinical drug discovery support, ADMET, Blood-Brain Barrier, and PK/PD

Knipp Research Lab


Photo of Tonglei Li

Tonglei Li

Allen Chao Chair and Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Specialization: Solid-state organic chemistry, computational chemistry, formulation, and drug delivery

Li Research Lab

RHPH G23 east


Photo of Sandro Matosevic

Specialization: Cancer immunotherapy, cell-based therapies, immunoengineering, natural killer cells, immuno-oncology, synthetic biology, biopharmaceutical engineering

Matosevic Research Lab

RHPH G23 west


Photo of Eric J. Munson

Eric J. Munson

Dane O. Kildsig Chair in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Department Head

Specialization: Solid state formulation, Formulation design, Protein design, stability and formulation, Pharmaceutical solids, Phase transformations, Physical and chemical stability, Water-solid interactions, and Amorphous systems & solid dispersions

Munson Research Lab

RHPH 123

Photo of Kinam Park

Kinam Park

Professor of Pharmaceutics

Specialization: Controlled release, nano/micro particles, polymer micelles, fast dissolving tablets, hydrogels

Park Research Lab

MJIS 2052

Photo of Rodolfo Pinal

Rodolfo Pinal

Associate Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Specialization: Drug solubility and solubilization. Strategies for enhancing the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.

Pinal Research Lab

RHPH 225


Photo of Severin Thomas Schneebeli

Specialization: Biopharmaceutical Production & Stabilization, Drug Delivery, Supramolecular Chemistry, Chemical Synthesis, Multiscale Computer Modeling

Schneebeli Research Lab

RHPH 403

Photo of Lynne S. Taylor

Lynne S. Taylor

Retter Distinguished Professor of Pharmacy

Specialization: Phase transformations, physical and chemical stability, water-solid interactions, amorphous systems and solid dispersions

Taylor Research Lab

RHPH G59 & 418


Photo of Elizabeth M. Topp

Elizabeth M. Topp

Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Specialization: Protein Stability and Formulation

Topp Research Lab

RHPH 312


Photo of Yoon Yeo

Yoon Yeo

Associate Department Head, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Specialization: Tumor-targeted drug delivery, nanoparticle engineering, intracellular drug delivery, non-viral gene delivery, biomaterials for immunotherapy

Yeo Research Lab



Photo of Qi (Tony) Zhou

Qi (Tony) Zhou

Associate Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Specialization: pharmaceutical manufacturing of solid dosage forms, particle engineering, powder technology, surface characterization of pharmaceutical solids, inhalation formulation, pulmonary drug delivery system, dry powder inhaler

Zhou Research Lab

RHPH 424 & 431

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