Adjunct Faculty

Photo of Stephan X. M. (Steef) Boerrigter

Specialization: Crystallography, molecular modeling, and computer programming

Photo of Frank Brown Jr.

Frank Brown Jr.

Adjunct Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Photo of David A. Engers

David A. Engers

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Photo of Moon Suk Kim not available

Moon Suk Kim

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of Yunsong (Frank) Li

Yunsong (Frank) Li

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of Dinesh S. Mishra not available

Dinesh S. Mishra

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of Steven L. Nail

Specialization: Fundamentals, application, and optimization of freeze-dried formulations and processes

Photo of Ann W. Newman

Ann W. Newman

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Sheri L. Shamblin not available

Sheri L. Shamblin

Adjunct Professor

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