Photo of Stephan X. M. (Steef) Boerrigter

Specialization: Crystallography, molecular modeling, and computer programming

Photo of Frank Brown Jr.

Frank Brown Jr.

Adjunct Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Photo of Stephen R. Byrn

Stephen R. Byrn

Charles B. Jordan Professor of Medicinal Chemistry


Area of research: Solid State ChemistryFormulation Design

Specialization: Solid state formulation and stability of small molecules, regulatory science, Sustainable Medicines in Africa

Photo of David A. Engers

David A. Engers

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Photo of Raymond E. Galinsky

Raymond E. Galinsky

Professor Emeritus


Specialization: Mechanisms of drug interactions; influence of altered physiology (pregnancy, liver disease, renal disease) on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics; influence of altered physiology on the expression and activity of drug metabolizing enzymes

Photo of Gregory T. (Greg) Knipp

Gregory T. (Greg) Knipp

Associate Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy


Area of research: Drug Delivery

Specialization: Characterization of membrane transporters, peptide-based drug delivery, placental and fetal fatty acid homeostasis, and PK/PD

Knipp Research Lab



Photo of Tonglei Li

Tonglei Li

Allen Chao Chair and Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy


Area of research: Solid State Chemistry

Specialization: Solid-state organic chemistry, computational chemistry, formulation, and drug delivery

Li Research Lab

RHPH G23 east


Photo of Yunsong (Frank) Li

Yunsong (Frank) Li

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of Sandro Matosevic

Sandro Matosevic

Assistant Professor


Area of research: Solid State Chemistry

Specialization: Cancer immunotherapy, cell-based therapies, immunoengineering, natural killer cells, immuno-oncology, synthetic biology, biopharmaceutical engineering

Matosevic Research Lab

RHPH G23 west



Photo of Nathaniel Milton not available

Nathaniel Milton

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of Dinesh S. Mishra not available

Dinesh S. Mishra

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of Eric J. Munson

Eric J. Munson

Dane O. Kildsig Chair in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Department Head


Area of research: Formulation DesignProtein Stability and FormulationPharmaceutical Solids

Specialization: Solid state formulation, Formulation design, Protein design, stability and formulation, Pharmaceutical solids, Phase transformations, Physical and chemical stability, Water-solid interactions, and Amorphous systems & solid dispersions

Munson Research Lab

RHPH 123


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