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Alumni Focus - Dr. Dave Engers

Photo of Dr. David Engers

Dr.  David Engers (2006) lives in West Lafayette and is the General Manager for SSCI, a division of Albany Molecular Research, Inc. SSCI was co-founded by IPPH Professor Steve Byrn and his wife, Sally Byrn over a quarter-century ago to provide comprehensive cGMP solid state chemistry research and analytical services to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Alumni Focus

Dr. Chetan Pujara (1997) is Vice President, Small Molecule Development at Allergan Inc, Irvine, CA.  In this role, he is responsible for formulation development, manufacturing process development & scale-up, analytical method development & validation, stability testing, microbiology, and packaging development departments.

Dr. Steve Nail - Alumni Focus

Photo of Dr. Steve Nail

Dr. Steven Nail is a 1975 graduate of IPPH and was honored as the 2013 Distinguished Pharmacy Alumni. He is the Principal Scientist at Baxter Biopharma Solutions, in Bloomington, IN where he most enjoys the great group of people that he works with, as well as the job content and their very well equipped laboratory. His main area of current research is in a field that he was introduced to early in his career, the science and technology of freeze drying which he finds to be both “scientifically interesting and practically important.”

Bravo Award presented to Jennifer Gray

Photo of Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray received a Bravo Award from the College of Pharmacy. The Bravo Award provides recognition and reward for substantial accomplishments that extend well beyond regular work responsibilities. Jen’s Bravo Award recognizes her outstanding contributions as our Communications Coordinator, particularly in planning for this year’s Peck Symposium and the LyoHUB consortium annual meeting.


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutics awarded to Dr. Naila Mugheirbi

Photo of Naila Mugheirbi

Dr. Naila Mugheirbi (Taylor group) has been selected to receive a postdoctoral fellowship in pharmaceutics from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Foundation. This fellowship was awarded on the basis of a competitive proposal.


Dr. Yoon Yeo receives a NIH/NIBIB R01 Administrative Supplement for Participation in the Concept to Clinic: Commercializing Innovation (C3i) Program

Photo of Dr. Yoon Yeo

Dr. Yoon Yeo has received a NIH/NIBIB R01 Administrative Supplement for Participation in the Concept to Clinic: Commercializing Innovation (C3i) Program to support her effort to translate the albumin-coated nanocrystal systems (Abxtals) to commercial products.


Dr. Topp and LyoHUB launched a 10-year lyophilization technology roadmap

Dr. Elizabeth Topp stepped down as IPPH Department Head on July 1st after eight years in the role, returning to the faculty. Dr. Topp and LyoHUB launched a 10-year technology roadmap for lyophilization in September of 2017, completing a two-year process.


Bristol-Myers Squibb grant awarded to Dr. Lynne Taylor

Photo of Dr. Lynne Taylor

Dr. Lynne Taylor received a grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, to support her project entitled, “Mechanistic Understanding of Drug Release from Amorphous Solid Dispersions to Improve Drug Loadings”.  



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