Departmental News

Aimable Ngendahimana receives Graduate Teaching Award

Aimable Ngendahimana (Knipp group) received the Graduate Teaching Award from the Teaching Academy at Purdue University. The award was presented at the Celebration of Graduate Teaching Ceremony on April 25th.


Chaney Graduate Student Travel Awarded to Laura Mosquera-Giraldo

Photo of Laura Mosquera-Giraldo

Laura Mosquera-Giraldo (Taylor group) received a Chaney Graduate Student Travel Award of $1500 from the College of Pharmacy. The award helped her attend the American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.


Ronald W. Dollens Graduate Scholarship awarded to Monika Lavan

Photo of Monika Lavan

Monika Lavan, from the Knipp group, was awarded the 2017 Herbert Lieberman Award. This award is given to graduate students who demonstrate strong citizenship in the department and beyond. She was also the recipient of a Ronald W. Dollens Graduate Scholarship from the College of Pharmacy and the School of Biomedical Engineering. 


Hyesun Hyun receives 2017 AAPS Travelship

Photo of Hyesun Hyun

Hyesun Hyun, from the Yeo group,was selected to receive a 2017 AAPS Travelship from the Formulation and Drug Delivery (FDD) section. The travelship helped support Hyesun’s attendance at the National Biotechnology Conference in San Diego, CA.


Siddhi Hate Awarded the McKeehan Graduate Fellowship

Photo of Siddhi Hate

Siddhi Hate, from the Taylor group, was awarded a College of Pharmacy’s McKeehan Graduate Fellowship. 


Travel Grant Awarded to Ahmed Elkhabaz

Photo of Ahmed Elkhabaz

Ahmed Elkhabaz from the Taylor group received a travel grant from Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG). The award will help to cover costs to attend the 2017 Gordon Conference.


Dr. Qi (Tony) Zhou receives several grants

Photo of Dr. Qi (Tony) Zhou

Dr. Qi (Tony) Zhou received a grant from the Showalter Trust, to support his project entitled, “Novel inhalation therapies for treatment of fatal Gram-negative lung infections”, as well as the New Investigator Award from the International Society of Aerosols in Medicine. He also received a NIH/NIAID R01.

Dr. Tonglei Li to serve as Interim Head of IPPH

Photo of Tonglei Li

Dr. Tonglei Li has stepped down as Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and serves as interim head for the department. He has been working with Prof. Park on the DHD2 project. 


Graduate School Summer Research Grant Recipient, Dana Moseson

Photo of Dana Moseson

Dana Moseson (Taylor group) was awarded a Graduate School Summer Research Grant. The grant provides this first-year graduate student with two months of thesis research support for this summer.


Kelsey Lubin, recipient of the Keinly Award

Kelsey Lubin receiving the Keilny award for Dr. Yang

Kelsey Lubin (Knipp group) received the Keinly Award as an outstanding graduate student teaching assistant. 



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