Departmental News

Bristol-Myers Squibb grant awarded to Dr. Lynne Taylor

Photo of Dr. Lynne Taylor

Dr. Lynne Taylor received a grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, to support her project entitled, “Mechanistic Understanding of Drug Release from Amorphous Solid Dispersions to Improve Drug Loadings”.  


2018 Arden Conference to be co-chaired by Dr. Rodolfo Pinal

Photo of Dr. Rodolfo Pinal

Dr. Rodolfo Pinal will serve on the organizing committee and co-chair the next Arden Conference to be held in April 2018 in Maryland.


Digital Human for Drug Development (DHD2) project work continues

Photo of Dr. Kinam Park

Dr. Kinam Park is a member of an interdisciplinary team of Purdue engineers, pharmacists, and veterinarians working to establish a predictive framework for rapidly screening and identifying effective and safe drug candidates and their delivery systems for treating cancers and other diseases.

Dr. Gregory Knipp appointed to the Faculty Advisory Committee for the Purdue Translational Pharmacology Facility

Dr. Greg Knipp

Dr. Gregory Knipp has been appointed to the Faculty Advisory Committee for the Purdue Translational Pharmacology Facility in Bindley Bioscience Center. Dr. Knipp is a co-founder and has served as the director of the PTP over several years and has helped grow the center’s pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic preclinical testing in the rodent and porcine models for collaborative publicly and privately funded projects.



Jun Xu receives several awards

Photo of Jun Xu

Jun Xu (Yeo group) received a 2017-18 PRF grant for his proposal entitled “Evaluation of PK/PD behavior of paclitaxel-loaded leukocyte mimetic nanoparticles”. Also in 2017, he received a travel grant from the Purdue Graduate Student Government and the Graduate School to attend the November 2017 AAPS meeting. He was also awarded an AAPS Graduate Student Research Award in Biotechnology and received the 2017 American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (ACPA) Research award at the 2017 AAPS meeting. 


Chailu Que receives the 2018 IPPH Migliaccio/Pfizer Fellowship

Photo of Chailu Que

Chailu Que (Taylor group) has received the 2018 IPPH Migliaccio/Pfizer Fellowship for her academic performance and service to IPPH student activities. 


Awards presented to Joonyoung Park

Photo of Joonyoung Park

Joonyoung Park (Yeo group) was the recipient of the Change Graduate Student Travel Award from the College of Pharmacy. The award will help him attend a research conference this summer. He was also selected to receive a Lilly Endowment Gift Graduate Research Award for his proposal entitled “Nanoparticles with high drug loading and circulation stability for systemic delivery of anticancer drugs”. He wrote a successful Lilly Endowment Gift Graduate Research Award application which was awarded to him as a 2017-18 assistantship.  


2017-18 PRF grant awarded to Hwee Jing Ong

Photo of Hwee Jing Ong

Hwee Jing Ong (Pinal group) received a 2017-18 PRF grant for her proposal entitled “Beyond amorphous solid dispersions for poorly soluble drugs: Novel excipient for extending the applications of hot melt extrusion to create physically stable solid dispersions”.


Aimable Ngendahimana receives Graduate Teaching Award

Aimable Ngendahimana (Knipp group) received the Graduate Teaching Award from the Teaching Academy at Purdue University. The award was presented at the Celebration of Graduate Teaching Ceremony on April 25th.


Chaney Graduate Student Travel Awarded to Laura Mosquera-Giraldo

Photo of Laura Mosquera-Giraldo

Laura Mosquera-Giraldo (Taylor group) received a Chaney Graduate Student Travel Award of $1500 from the College of Pharmacy. The award helped her attend the American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.



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