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Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Personnel - Lynne S. Taylor

Lynne S. Taylor, PhD
Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
Phone: 765-496-6614
Fax: 765-494-6545
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Specialization: Phase transformations, physical and chemical stability, water-solid interactions, amorphous systems and solid dispersions


Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honors, University of Bath, UK, 1990
PhD, Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Bradford, UK, 1996
Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1996-1998
Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca R&D, Mölndal, Sweden, 1998-2003

Research: Phase transformations, physical and chemical stability, water-solid interactions, amorphous systems and solid dispersions

Our overall goal is to enhance drug delivery by optimizing and understanding the physicochemical properties of drugs and excipients.  Of particular interest are amorphous solid dispersions which are used to improve the oral delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs. We are also interested in the stability of  pharmaceutical salts and the impact of excipients on product performance. For these types of solids, it is extremely important to understand drug-excipient interactions as well as the imapct of water on stability. We achieve an improved molecular level understanding of pharmaceutical materials and formulations through the use of high resolution analytical techniques. Some of the analytical techniques that we use are infrared, Raman, ultraviolet and fluorescence spectroscopy, X-ray powder diffraction and differential scanning calorimetry.

Current Research Projects

1. Stabilization of amorphous solid dispersions through rational polymer selection
2. Second harmonic generation for the characterization of nanoscale crystallization. (collaboration with Professor G. Simpson, Chemistry, Purdue University)
3. Techniques to assess amorphous-amorphous miscibility
4. Novel polymers to stabilize amorphous solids(collaboration with Professor K. Edgar, Virginia Tech)
5. Stabilization of supersaturated solutions
6. Effect of polymers on crystal growth
7. Probing hygroscopicity and reactivity in crystalline and amorphous salts
8. Improving the solubility of phytochemicals
9. Disproportionation of pharmaceutical salts
10. Deliquescence in blends - chemical stability and powder properties (collaboration with Professor L. Mauer, Food Science, Purdue University)

Lab Members:

Amjad Alhalaweh (Visiting Scholar)
Clara E. Correa Soto (Visiting Scholar)
Ahmed Elkhabaz (Graduate Student)
Siddhi S. Hate (Graduate Student)
Anura Suresh Indulkar (Graduate Student)
Matthew James Jackson (Graduate Student)
Rajashekar Kammari (Graduate Student)
Na Li (Post-Doctoral Research Associate with Dr. Lynne Taylor)
Jennifer Lu (Graduate Student)
Laura Mosquera-Giraldo (Graduate Student)
Hitesh Shridev Purohit (Graduate Student)
Chailu Que (Graduate Student)
Amrinder Singh S. Rai (Graduate Student)
Harshil K. Renawala (Graduate Student)
Suganda Saboo (Graduate Student)
Caitlin Schram (Graduate Student)
Nivedita J. Shetty (Graduate Student)
Bin Tian (Visiting Scholar)
Niraj Satish Trasi (Research Scientist)
Venecia Rochelle Wilson (Graduate Student)
Tian Xie (Graduate Student)
Simseok Andrew Yuk (Graduate Student)


IPPH 580

Honors and Credentials

Representative Publications

All publications

Raina, S. A., Alonzo, D. E., Zhang, G. G. Z., Gao, Y. and Taylor, L. S. (2014). Impact of Polymers on the Crystallization and Phase Transition Kinetics of Amorphous Nifedipine during Dissolution in Aqueous Media. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 11(10):3565-3576.

Hsieh, Y-L., and Taylor, L. S. (2014). Salt Stability - Effect of Particle Size, Relative Humidity, Temperature and Composition on Salt to Free Base Conversion. Pharmaceutical Research. 32(2):549-561. 

Jackson, M. J., Toth S. J., Kestur, U. S., Huang, J. Qian, F., Hussain, M. A. Simpson, G. J., and Taylor, L. S. (2014). Impact of Polymers on the Precipitation Behavior of Highly Supersaturated Aqueous Danazol Solutions. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 11(9):3027-3038. 

Taylor, L. S. and Hancock, B. C. (2014) George Zografi and the Science of Solids and Surfaces. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 103(9):2592-2594.

Lipasek, R.A., Li, N., Taylor, L. S. and Mauer, L. J. (2014) Effect of temperature and initial moisture content on the chemical stability and color change of various forms of vitamin C. International Journal of Food Properties. 18(4):862-879. 

Li, N., Taylor, L. S. and Mauer, L. J. (2014). The Physical and Chemical Stability of Amorphous (-)-Epi-Gallocatechin Gallate: Effects of Water Vapor Sorption and Storage Temperature. Food Research International. 58:112-123. 

Ghorab, M.K, Marrs, K, Taylor, L. S. and Mauer, L. J. (2014) Water-Solid Interactions between Amorphous Maltodextrin and Crystalline Sodium Chloride. Food Chemistry. 144:26-35.

Ghorab, M.K, Toth, S J., Simpson, G. J., Mauer, L. J. and Taylor, L. S. (2014) Water-Solid Interactions in Amorphous Maltodextrin-Crystalline Sucrose Binary Mixtures. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology. 19(2):247-256.

Trasi, N., Baird, J. A. and Kestur, U. S. and Taylor, L. S. (2014). Factors Influencing Crystal Growth Rates from Undercooled Liquids of Pharmaceutical Compounds. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 118(33):9974-9982.

Marks, J., Wegiel, L. A., Taylor, L. S. and Edgar, K. J. (2014). Pairwise Polymer Blends for Oral Drug Delivery. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 103(9):2871-2883. 

Trasi, N. and Taylor, L. S. (2014). Nucleation and Crystal Growth of Amorphous Nilutamide –Unusual Low Temperature Behavior. CrystEngComm. 16:7186-7195.

Hsieh, Y-L., Box, K. and Taylor, L. S. (2014). Assessing the Impact of Polymers on the pH-Induced Precipitation Behavior of Poorly Water Soluble Compounds using Synchrotron Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 103(9):2724-2735.

Raina, S. A., Zhang, G. G. Z., Alonzo, D. E., Wu, J., Zhu, D., Catron, N. D., Gao, Y. and Taylor, L. S. (2014).Enhancements and Limits in Drug Membrane Transport Using Supersaturated Solutions of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 103(9):2736-2748.

Liu, H., Ilevbare, G. A., Cherniawskia, B. P., Ritchie, E. T., Taylor, L. S. and Edgar, K. J. (2014). Synthesis and Structure-property Evaluation of Cellulose ω-carboxyesters for Amorphous Solid Dispersions. Carbohydrate Polymers. 100:116-125. 

Hirshfield, L., Giridhar, A., Taylor, L. S., Harris, M. T., Reklaitis, G. V. (2014). Dropwise Additive Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products for Solvent-Based Dosage Forms. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 103(2):496-506.

Mosquera-Giraldo L., Trasi, N. S., and Taylor, L. S. (2014) Impact of Surfactants on the Crystal Growth of Amorphous Celecoxib. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 461(1-2):251-257.

 Hsieh, Y-L., Yu, W., Xiang, Y., Pan, W., Waterman, K. C., Shalaev, E. Y., Shamblin, S. L. and Taylor, L. S. (2014).Impact of Sertraline Salt Form on the Oxidative Stability in Powder Blends. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 461(1-2):322-330.

Van Eerdenbrugh, B., Raina, S. A., Hsieh, Y-L., Augustijns, P. and Taylor, L. S. (2014). Classification of the Crystallization Behavior of Amorphous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Aqueous Environments. Pharmaceutical Research. 31(4):969-982.

Wegiel, L.A., Mauer, L.J. , Edgar, K.J., and Taylor, L.S. (2014). Curcumin Amorphous Solid Dispersions: The Influence of Intra and Intermolecular Bonding on Physical Stability. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology. 19(8):976-986.

Wegiel, L.A., Mauer, L.J. , Edgar, K.J., and Taylor, L.S. (2014). Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy as a Polymer Selection Tool for Formulating Amorphous Solid Dispersions. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 66(2):244-255.

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