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Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Personnel - Kinam Park

Kinam Park, PhD
Professor of Pharmaceutics
Showalter Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 765-494-7759
Fax: 765-496-1912
Lab webpage:

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BS, Pharmacy, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 1975
PhD, Pharmaceutics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1983
Post-Doc, Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1985


Dr. Park has a dual appointment in IPPH and BioMedical Engineering (BME).  He keeps the most up-to-date listings of his research on a web page at:

Drug Delivery

  • Polymer Micelles (delivery of poorly soluble drugs)
  • Oral Formulations (fast-dissolving tablets & gastric retention devices)


  • Drug-eluting Stents & Drug-eluting Balloons
  • Smart Polymers & Hydrogels

Lab Members:

Byung Kook Lee (BME Post-doctoral Research Associate with Dr. Kinam Park)
Seung Young (Steve) Lee (BME Graduate Student (Park))
Crystal Soojung Shin (Graduate Student)
Juqun Xi (Visiting Scholar with Dr. Kinam Park)
Yeonhee Yun (BME Post-Doctoral Research Associate with Dr. Kinam Park)

Representative Publications

Scott, R.A., Park, K., Panitch, A.: Water soluble polymer films for intravascular drug delivery of antithrombotic biomolecules, Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm., in press.


Yun, Y. and Park, K.: Nanoparticles for oral delivery: targeted nanoparticles with peptidic ligands for oral protein delivery, Adv. Drug Del. Rev., in press.


Shin, C.S., Kwak, B., Han, B., and Park, K.: Development of an in vitro 3D tumor model to study therapeutic efficiency of an anti-cancer drug, Mol. Pharm., in press.


Lu, Y. and Park, K.: Polymeric micelles as delivery vehicles for poorly soluble drugs, Int. J. Pharm., in press.


Lee, S.C., Kwon, I.K. and Park, K.: Hydrogels for delivery of bioactive agents: a historical perspective, Adv. Drug Del. Rev., 65: 17-20, 2013.


Lee, S.Y., Kim, S.W., Tyler, J., Park, K., and Cheng J.-X.: Blood-stable, tumor-adaptable disulfide bonded MPEG-(Cys)4-PDLLA micelles for chemotherapy, Biomaterials, 34: 552-561, 2013.


Yoon, H.Y., Saravanakumar, G., Heo, R., Choi, S.H., Song, I.C., Han, M.H., Kim, K., Park, J.H., Choi, K., Kwon. I.C. and Park, K.: Hydrotropic magnetic micelles for combined magnetic resonance imaging and cancer therapy, J. Control. Release, 160: 692-698, 2012.


Yoon, H.Y., Koo, H., Choi, K.Y., Lee, S.J., Kim, K., Kwon, I.C., Leary, J.F., Park, K., Yuk, S.H. Park, J.H. and Choi, K.: Tumor-targeting hyaluronic acid nanoparticles for photodynamic imaging and therapy, Biomaterials, 33: 3980-3989, 2012.


Kwon, I.K., Lee, S.C., Han, B., and Park, K.: Analysis on the current status of targeted drug delivery to tumors, J. Control. Release, 164: 108-114, 2012.


Key, J., Cooper, C., Kim, A.Y., Dhawan, D., Knapp, D.W., Kim, K.M., Park, J.H., Choi, K.W., Kwon, I.C., Park, K., and Leary, J.F.: In vivo NIRF and MR dual-modality imaging using glycolchitosan nanoparticles, J. Control. Release, 163: 249-255, 2012.


Choi, K.Y., Saravanakumar, G., Park, J.H., and Park, K.: Hyaluronic acid-based nanocarriers for intracellular targeting: interfacial interactions with proteins in cancer, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 99: 82-94, 2012.


Kim, D.Y., Kwon, D.Y., Lee, B.N., Seo H.W., Kwon, J.S., Lee, B., Han, D.K., Kim, J.H., Min, B.H., Park, K., and Kim, M.S.: Injectable in situ-forming hydrogels for a suppression of drug burst from drug-loaded microcapsules, Soft Matter, 8: 7638-7648, 2012.


Vedantham, K., Chaterji, S., Kim, S.W., and Park, K.: Development of a probucol-releasing anti-thrombogenic drug eluting stent, J. Biomed. Mater. Res. Part B:  Appl. Biomater.100B: 1068-1099, 2012.


Qiu, Y. and Park, K.: Environment-sensitive hydrogels for drug delivery, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 53: 321-339, 2001.  64: 49-60, 2012.


Omidian. H. and Park, K.: Hdrogels, in Fundamentals and Applications of Controlled Release Drug Delivery, Juergen Siepmann, Ronald Siegel, and Michael Rathbone, Eds. Spinger, New York, NY, pp. 75-106, 2012.


Mastropietro, D., Omidian, H., and Park, K.: Drug delivery applications for superporous hydrogels, Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery,9: 71-89, 2012.


Lee, S.J., Koo, H., Lee, D.E., Min, S., Lee, S., Chen, X., Choi, Y., Leary, J.F., Park, K., Jeong, S.Y., Kwon, I.C., and Choi, K.: Tumor-homing photosensitizer-conjugated glycol chitosan nanoparticles for synchronous photodynamic imaging and therapy based on cellular on/off system, Biomaterials, 32: 4021-4029, 2011.


Bae, Y.H. and Park, K.: Targeted Drug Delivery to Tumors: Myths, Reality, and Possibility, J. Control. Release, 153: 198-205, 2011.


Kim, J.Y., Kim, S.W., Pinal, R., and Park, K.: Hydrotropic polymer micelles as versatile vehicles for delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs, J. Control. Release, 152: 13-20, 2011.


Park, Kyeongsoon, and Park, Kinam: Oral protein delivery: Current status and future prospect, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 71: 280-287, 2011.


Ye, M., Kim, S.W., and Park, K.: Issues in long-term protein delivery using biodegradable microparticles, J. Control. Release, 156: 241-260, 2010.


Kim, K., Kim, J.H., Park, H., Kim, Y.-S., Park, K.S., Nam, H., Lee, S., Park, J.H., Park, R.-W., Kim, I.-S., Choi, K., Kim, S.Y., Park, K. and Kwon, I.C.: Tumor-homing multifunctional nanoparticles for cancer theragnosis: Simultaneous diagnosis, drug delivery, and therapeutic monitoring, J. Control. Release, 146: 219-227, 2010.


Acharya, G., Shin, C.S., Vedantham, K., McDermott, M., Rish, T., Hansen, K., Fu, Y. and Park, K.: A Study of Drug Release from Homogeneous PLGA microstructures, J. Control. Release,146: 201-206, 2010.


Acharya, G., Shin, C.S., McDermott, M., Mishra, H., Park, H., Kwon, I.C., and Park, K.: The hydrogel template method for fabrication of homogeneous nano/microparticles, J. Control. Release, 141: 314-319, 2010.


Saravanakumar, G., Choi, K.Y., Yoon, H.Y., Kim, K., Park, J.H., Kwon, I.C., Park, K.: Hydrotropic hyaluronic acid conjugates: Synthesis, characterization, and implications as a carrier of paclitaxel. Int. J. Pharm., 394: 154-161, 2010.


Kim, J.Y., Kim, S.W., Papp, M., Park, K., and Pinal, R.: Hydrotropic solubilization of poorly water-soluble drugs, J. Pharm. Sci. 99: 3953-3965, 2010.   


Shi, Y., Kim, S.W., Huff, T.B., Borgens, R.B., Park, K., Shi, R., and Cheng, J.-X.: Effective repair of traumatically injured spinal cord by nanoscale block copolymer micelles, Nature Nanotech, 5: 80-87, 2010.

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