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Lubin receives the 2018 Lieberman Award

Kelsey Lubin, Eric Munson, Greg Knipp

Kelsey Lubin, graduate student in Dr. Knipp’s lab, has received the 2018 Lieberman Award for outstanding service and teaching assistance. Kelsey grew up in Mount Sinai, NY playing sports and going on field trips with the various science clubs which she was involved with. Those field trips, which involved guided lab sessions investigating genetically modified foods and genetic mutations, was where she realized that she enjoyed science and wanted to continue her education by majoring in Biochemistry at Siena College in Loudonville, NY.

Purdue IPPH Students attend the 2018 Pharmaceutics Graduate Student Meeting

Photo of Purdue IPPH Students attending the 2018 Pharmaceutics Graduate Student Meeting

IPPH Graduate Students attend the 2018 Pharmaceutics Graduate Student Meeting (PGSRM)!

Thirteen Purdue IPPH students traveled to the University of Minnesota in June to attend the 50th Annual Pharmaceutics Graduate Student Meeting. This annual meeting provides a "platform for pharmaceutics graduate students to present their research and participate in critical discussions on current, cutting-edge research in the field, all while fostering life-long and meaningful connections with fellow graduate students".

Moseson awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Photo of Dana Moseson

Dana Moseson has been awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for her project “Process Design of Hot Melt Extruded Pharmaceuticals for Optimized Manufacturability and Product Performance.” This three-year national award is highly competitive, only given to those graduate students who demonstrate great potentials in their pursuit of research distinction.

Students present excellent Three Minute Presentations for Peck Symposium

Photo of Three Minute Competition students

13 Graduate students competed in the 2nd Annual Three Minute Competition for the 2018 Peck Symposium held in Lafayette, Indiana in March, 2018. Topics ranged from "Respiratory Infections: Meeting the tough microbial challenge" to "Stable Glucagon Prodrugs for Diabetes".

The winners are as follows:

Shetty, finalist in Purdue Three Minute Thesis

photo: Purdue 3 minute thesis competition finalists

Nivedita Shetty, a Purdue IPPH Ph.D. student in Dr. Tony Zhou’s lab, was recently chosen as a finalist for Purdue University’s Three Minute Thesis competition (The only one from College of Pharmacy). The Three Minute Thesis (3MT™) is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland. The competition develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills and supports the development of students' capacities to effectively explain their research in language appropriate to an intelligent but non-specialist audience.

Monika Lavan earned the 2017 Herbert Lieberman Award

Monika Lavan being awarded the 2017 Herbert Lieberman Award

Monika Lavan being awarded the 2017 Herbert Lieberman Award from Interim Department Head Tonglei Li.

Jun Xu receives several awards

Photo of Jun Xu

Jun Xu (Yeo group) received a 2017-18 PRF grant for his proposal entitled “Evaluation of PK/PD behavior of paclitaxel-loaded leukocyte mimetic nanoparticles”. Also in 2017, he received a travel grant from the Purdue Graduate Student Government and the Graduate School to attend the November 2017 AAPS meeting. He was also awarded an AAPS Graduate Student Research Award in Biotechnology and received the 2017 American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (ACPA) Research award at the 2017 AAPS meeting. 


Chailu Que receives the 2018 IPPH Migliaccio/Pfizer Fellowship

Photo of Chailu Que

Chailu Que (Taylor group) has received the 2018 IPPH Migliaccio/Pfizer Fellowship for her academic performance and service to IPPH student activities. 


Awards presented to Joonyoung Park

Photo of Joonyoung Park

Joonyoung Park (Yeo group) was the recipient of the Change Graduate Student Travel Award from the College of Pharmacy. The award will help him attend a research conference this summer. He was also selected to receive a Lilly Endowment Gift Graduate Research Award for his proposal entitled “Nanoparticles with high drug loading and circulation stability for systemic delivery of anticancer drugs”. He wrote a successful Lilly Endowment Gift Graduate Research Award application which was awarded to him as a 2017-18 assistantship.  



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