Dr. Steve Nail - Alumni Focus

Photo of Dr. Steve Nail

Dr. Steven Nail is a 1975 graduate of IPPH and was honored as the 2013 Distinguished Pharmacy Alumni. He is the Principal Scientist at Baxter Biopharma Solutions, in Bloomington, IN where he most enjoys the great group of people that he works with, as well as the job content and their very well equipped laboratory. His main area of current research is in a field that he was introduced to early in his career, the science and technology of freeze drying which he finds to be both “scientifically interesting and practically important.”

Some of his fondest memories of his time at Purdue were at CPPR dinners with Dr. Dane Kildsig.  “He (Dr. Kildsig) was a terrific host, and very much in his element at that type of function.  He could take teasing very well, and give it right back.  He was also an excellent information source on very good, and not very expensive, bottles of wine.  I particularly miss Dane when I’m in a wine department, and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of wines available.”

When not puzzling the complexities of freeze drying, he enjoys his “Read to Succeed” volunteer work at Klondike Elementary, keeping in shape and spending time with his wife and four grandsons. He also enjoys playing guitar and ballroom dancing with his wife Lisa, of 45 years, who he met while they were both studying here at Purdue.

News Date: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017

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