Digital Human for Drug Development (DHD2) project work continues

Photo of Dr. Kinam Park

Dr. Kinam Park is a member of an interdisciplinary team of Purdue engineers, pharmacists, and veterinarians working to establish a predictive framework for rapidly screening and identifying effective and safe drug candidates and their delivery systems for treating cancers and other diseases. This effort focuses on developing computational modules, including pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of drug delivery systems, spatiotemporal distribution of drugs at major organs and tumors, transmembrane transport and intracellular distribution, and cellular signaling pathways and pharmacodynamics of drug molecules. The project is an extension of Purdue’s global efforts behind the ambitious Digital Human for Drug Development (DHD2) project, a collaboration between Purdue researchers and the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).


News Date: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017

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