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Visiting IPPH

Visitors to the IPPH Department are generally welcome. However, in order for your visit to be optimally informative and productive, arrangements for your visit should be made in advance by contacting the appropriate office or individual as indicated below.

Prospective undergraduate and professional program students and their parents

Though IPPH faculty participate fully in the teaching of undergraduate and professional students, those programs are administered by the College of Pharmacy. Interested individuals should contact the College to arrange their visit.

Prospective graduate students

Please contact Mary Ellen Hurt, Manager of Operations:
Phone: (765) 494-6788


Alumni and Supporters of the Department

Please contact the IPPH department office about your visit. You may also contact the College of Pharmacy Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

Visiting Scholars

Generally, you should contact the individual researcher in the department whom you are interested in visiting. For more detailed information about research in the department see the department research page.

If you have difficulty contacting the an individual, or your interests span the entire department, you may contact the department office about arranging a visit.

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